Feng Shui Consultant | Educator | Speaker
A corporate member of IFSA Australia
Accredited "Feng Shui Master" by International Feng Shui Association (IFSA)
  1. Feng Shui Consultation
    Up to four main schools of classical feng shui will be applied to a project. We analyse the Qi energy flow together with finding positive and negative areas of a property. Methods of Consultation: Onsite | Online | In-Store | Skype
  2. Education & Training
    We are the only institute in Australia that offers authentic main schools of classical Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics that provides student with in-depth knowledge in this field. And provide guidance on how to balance the different methods of formula. Local and international instructors are invited to teach at our facility.
  3. Speaker & Writer
    Master Jancy is engaged frequently to present various topics in feng shui at events, TV shows and corporate gathering. She has also written for a few different media and the Feng Shui World Magazine.
  4. Other Types of Consultation
    In-shop BaZi four pillars destiny reading. Numerology Reading (with feng shui). Feng Shui Logo Design. Auspicious Date Selection. Feng Shui Speaker for Events.
  5. Auspicious Date Selection
    Auspicious date selection are usually selected for the following events for a smooth undertaking. Renovation | Launch | Moving House | Assuming official post | Wedding & Engagement | Contract Signing | Surgery | Haircut | Celebration | Caesarian Birth
  6. Spiritual Healing & Wellness
    From time to time we organise spiritual healing classes and consultation. We can advice in spiritual cleansing and healing using natural ingredients to promote positive energy.