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Understanding different calculation and types of
Classical Feng Shui

Here are the different Main Schools of Classical Feng Shui that are being taught and practice when you consult with us or when you are learning at our institute. 
We provide courses for student who wish to excel and step into the world of classical feng shui with classroom teaching, workshops and practical training for students to be a better practitioner and consultant. We are the only institute in Australia that provide student service support with revision hours where a student will be presented with cases to audit and students would need to comply with the revisions hours in their logbook and be on their way to be a great master practitioner.
We are the only institute in Australia that offers Authentic Main Schools of Classical Feng Shui that is easy to follow and understand with it's in-depth formulas and information that has been used for generations by great grandmasters. The course structure has been designed in a way that allow students to further understand the Classical Way of Feng Shui and to find a balance within the Classical Way of Feng Shui together with Modern Feng Shui that is also widely known and practiced by many. Our tag line has always been "Feng Shui - Art of Balance" and we are here to help you find that balance and be creative with feng shui but more importantly how to apply it correctly!
We are pleased to announce that we are in the process to submit our courses to be certified and accredited by IFSA (International Feng Shui Association)  well known feng shui association and also to obtain CERTIFICATE IV in Australia. 
All students (past, present and future) who undertake our courses here will be awarded with these certification once it has been obtained.
Apart from these certification, you will also receive your Diploma by Mfengshuified Institute once you have succesfully completed your course together with the Certificate of Completion of Revision Hours once you have successfully log-in your revision hours.
After all these certification, it is important that along your way to become a successful practitioner and with these precious time that you have invested, learned and experienced, we will then guide you on the application to be Accreditated with the "Master" title with the prestigious IFSA and this will carry weight in all your future undertakings as a Feng Shui Master.
So call us today and enrol with us as we are the ONLY Feng Shui Institute in Australia that teaches proper classical feng shui course that is rated by most students as the University Level for feng shui studies.
  1. San He Landscape & Form Feng Shui
    By using the environment surrounding your property to tap the good energy flow. This is particularly used when you purchased a land to built your property and how to position your property to blend in with the surrounding to create good energy flow into your property. In any case, studying the environment is utmost important as they may be conflicts or negative forces that may effect your property, and therefore it will effect the occupants in the property. Natural forms of mountains, river or sea will also be a huge decision-making with top priority and by blending the property with the natural formation of the environment will have a great effect to the property and the occupants.
  2. Ba Zhai - 8 Mansions
    8 Mansions is based on your birth Lifeline number (Gua number). The lifeline number is derived from your birth date to determine which compass directions is most favourable and auspicious and which aren't auspicious. Based on the eight compass direction, everyone will equally have four good and four bad directions. By knowing your lifeline number, you will be able to determine your favourable elements, colours, character, etc What more important is to determine the favourable compass direction that can be aligned for the property you reside by entering from your auspicious door direction, to placement of stove, kitchen, bed, study, etc. 8 Mansions can be applied daily and once you know your auspicious directions you can utilise it to the fullest. Unlike the Flying Stars method; 8 Mansions does not change every twenty years or every year, it starts from the day you are born and stays with you for life. It is easy to use and everyone can use it by owning a compass to check if you are using or facing or sitting at your auspicious direction.
  3. San Yuan Fei Xing - Flying Stars
    Flying Stars is calculated based on the main door direction of the property. Calculations are made once the main door direction is determined and a layout plan of the property is needed to draw up nine grid/spaces of your property. The calculations are then placed accordingly into the nine grids to determine which number stars are in each sector. By knowing the stars of each sector and studying the energy flow, it will identify which sectors of the property are good and bad. It is crucial to know how to utilise the space and sectors as some stars will cause sickness, arguments, marital problems and affairs. The good areas shall bring fame, fortune, love, good health and intelligence. Knowing how to enhance the good stars and suppress the bad stars are important as each number has a different element that can be remedied or enhance. Flying stars are calculated based on Period of 20 years, Annually and Daily as well.
  4. Xuan Gong Da Gua - Date Selection
    Date selection is important when you have to do renovations, ground breaking, for marriage and etc. Each day there are different elements, each months there are certain areas that have conflict and afflictions, and to know whether the day is suitable for you to start renovation, moving, etc is very important. The timing for the day is also crucial and by not following the date and time can bring negative effect onto yourself as the day or time element may clash with your element which is derived from your birth chart. Date selection is a tedious job and would normally involve a lot of time for calculation in order to get a suitable date.