Feng Shui Consultant | Educator | Speaker
A corporate member of IFSA Australia
Accredited "Feng Shui Master" by International Feng Shui Association (IFSA)
"Many people have the assumption that Feng Shui is religious; it is not, it is an Ancient Chinese calculation (Chinese Metaphysic) based on the energy of your surroundings, the energy flow, your birth details and how to create harmony between you and the universe"
Master Jancy Lew, founder of Mfengshuified Australia and Victoria Feng Shui Institute, has been practicing Feng Shui for more than 15 years. Coming from a family background of oracles, diviners and clairvoyants, it comes as no surprise that she has gained much knowledge from the different studies of Chinese metaphysics, science, energy, healing and spirituality from various grandmasters since she was 13 years of age.

Throughout her Feng Shui journey, she had the opportunity to be trained by the late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai who was the most notable grandmaster in the Chinese Metaphysic and Spiritual Healing world. Under his guidance in classical feng shui, she quickly became one of the top student in class and apprectice in training and practical field in his watchful eye.

Despite being a business entrepreneur in the interior design field, she chose to leave this line of work and pursue to be a fulltime feng shui consultant, speaker and educator in classical feng shui. She has great passion in this ancient art of Chinese metaphysics, that has pushed her into many research, trial and error; to know what works and what not to do.  She has the ability to layer and blend the different schools of feng shui with many of  its' meticulous formula to find the right balance and have the knowledge on how best to apply it with great benefits in the daily life. 

She is also the sole agent in Australi and a business partner with Grandmaster Lillian Too, for the famous brand -World Of Feng Shui- based in Melbourne Australia. 

She has been recognized and awarded with the title "Master" in feng shui practice by the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) and is currently a management committee member as well as corporate member of IFSA Australia.

Traveling is something she enjoys dearly as it brings her inspiration to apply feng shui skills and learn new tricks whenever possible and especially when new projects comes along that required her to travel. Her travel brings her to Asia and around the globe when conducting classical feng shui audits, wokrshops, seminars and courses. Her clientele includes multi-nationals corporate companies, developers and business magnates around the world. 
She has participated as an invited speaker in several conferences, that included the world's largest conference "Happiness & Its Causes 2012" with leading Australian and international speakers. 

It was also a great honour when she was given the opportunity to pay tribute on opening day, to the late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai at the 11th International Feng Shui Convention 2014 (organized by IFSA), that was held in Melbourne, Australia where she also participated as a speaker.

Today, she has made many achievement and the list keeps on growing from being able to work in many different projects with people from different backgrounds. 

She enjoys extensive research and putting feng shui into practice on her daily lifestyle. This ancient science that goes back 3000 years is a big influence and a powerful tool that can influence a lot of our approach in our lifestyle daily. By using it correctly and effectively it can improve our wellbeing and sanity, it is worth every effort for the welbeing of your family. Finding and creating the Art of Balance, the Art of Healing and the Art of Living with feng shui is priceless when it can change the entire perspective of your life and harness great quality living.