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Chinese Ancient Saying - 1st destiny, 2nd luck, 3rd feng shui, 4th charitable deeds, 5th education
Destiny in Chinese Metaphysics is what we term as a person's capacity in life. Every person is born with certain capacity in life - a life map. This capacity governs his or her potential, outcomes and achievements in life. When an individual's capacity is properly analysed and understood, then it is possible to assist him or her properly.
Success of a person always derived from good planning and innovative thinking. With auspicious date selection, you can have smooth sailing in your journey with ease of troubles. Choosing auspicious date for celebration, commencing business, medical surgery, renovation, etc enables you to grip triumph firmly. An impressive logo always a winning key to attract more customers. Putting Feng Shui elements inside your logo to enhance your Qi which can give you profit in abundance. Most importantly, working around good positive Qi energy flow within you, your space and the environment will ensure that every good things only happen for you because you are harnessing it wisely, positively and diligently.
Feng Shui is part of the Trinity of Luck - the Earth Luck - that governs 20 percent of life cycle luck. 
Heaven Luck that is your destiny, your karma, what you are born into this lifetime that governs 20 percent of life cycle luck.
The balance of 60 percent of the life cycle luck is YOU - Human Luck - how smart, harworking and intelligent you are in this lifetime.
To succeed and enjoy the benefts of a good lifestyle, you will need to activate this trinity of luck as it all goes hand in hand.
By just activiating Human Luck which, most of us do, is not enough. We need everything to work in accordance and to do that we will need to activate the Earth Luck with feng shui and steer our path for a better smooth journey that improves our Heaven Luck.
What is Feng Shui?
Let us flow with the Qi energy and find balance
"Feng Shui is a way of living, an art of balance of yin and yang. We practice Classical Feng Shui to find balance in one's life and to ease  today's modern living by applying traditional methods into your lifestyle."
"Many people have the assumption that Feng Shu is religious; it is not, it is an Ancient Chinese Metaphysics based on the energy of your surroundings, the energy flow, your birth details and how to create harmony between you and the universe."
"Find your balance with Feng Shui and fall in love with this ancient art and science to improve quality of life."
Master Jancy Lew
Landscape & Form
8 Mansions
Flying Stars
Using the environment surrounding your property to tap the good energy flow. When you are able to be in harmony with the surrounding landscape, everything will come together with great results and abundance to offer.
Is about you and compass directions.
Using your birth chart to derive  your good and bad compass directions and how you can utilise all the good directions for daily use to enhance a better lifestyle and more positive energy towards you.
Is about your property and calculating the energy flow in your property. It can tell you which are the good sectors and which are the bad sector and how each numbers has a different element that can be remedied or enhance to suit you.
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Date Selection
The selection of an auspicious date is based on the Chinese Hsia Calendar and Tong Shy Almanac. To get a good flow of energy with the timing can ensure smooth sailing in your journey and reduce any bad impact on your chart.
Date selection can be applied for the following:
Renovation | Launching of new business or product
Moving into a new property | Ground breaking ceremony
Assuming official post | Wedding or Engagement
Contract Sighing | Purchasing new property or car
Surgery | Haircut | Caesarian
Celebration | Travelling | Burial | Cleaning
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